“You’re Just Right” eCourse


YOU’RE JUST RIGHT: Five Steps to Self-Acceptance

A Self-Guided Course 

You’ve probably done a lot of inner work and healing, yet there’s a nagging feeling that something about you is not quite right…not good enough, not smart enough, not thin enough, not creative enough, not trying hard enough…not whatever enough.

You’re not alone. A lot of people, especially women, feel there’s something essentially wrong or defective about themselves. Look at all of the self-help books out there. Everyone’s trying to fix themselves!

Instead of trying to fix you, this course helps you see that 


Maybe you’ve heard that before, but you don’t really believe it. The feeling that something’s wrong with you is like a dark cloud that blocks the sun. When the cloud is gone, you will see your True Self shining brightly. The Five Steps to Self-Acceptance will reveal the beauty, power and love that already abide within you. 

You are just right, and this course is designed to help you really “get” that.

The Five Steps to Self-Acceptance take you on a journey to:mountain path

  • See Your Radiant Essence
  • Develop Self-Compassion
  • Accept the Whole of Yourself
  • Gain Tools for Managing Your Inner Critic

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roseWith Greater Self-Acceptance, You Can:

  • Unleash your creative genius
  • Speak your truth with confidence
  • Let go of guilt and shame
  • Affirm your strengths and abilities
  • Move forward with inspired actions to accomplish your goals

How the Course Works:

This self-guided eCourse includes five modules. Each module provides an informative lesson, a creative activity, and reflection questions. Your learning process will be clearly guided and generously supported with videos, audio recordings, guided meditations, and print-outs. All materials are delivered electronically. You can complete each module in 30-45 minutes, and because the course is self-guided, you can begin at anytime and move through the course at your own pace.

Register now! ONLY $35

Find out what students are saying about this course:

“It was very liberating to let go of the things my Inner Critic says to me. I now feel more free and confident to be who I am, to share my passion and my truth without trying to meet the unrealistic expectations of my Inner Critic.

It gives me a sense of security to know that there is a compassionate, divine energy that is always here with me, in me.”  -A.P., Vancouver, Canada

“A very kindly, thought provoking and beautiful course. The imagery in the videos is gorgeous. The exercises and techniques really did produce enlightenment and change in me.”  -S.C., Montrose, CO

“I really needed to learn to speak to myself with compassion. This course really helped, and I will continue to practice what I learned. I know that the more I am compassionate with myself, the more I will be compassionate and understanding with others.

I enjoyed the course very much. The art activities were very relaxing and helped my creativity to flow. The amount of time it took was “just right” so I never felt overwhelmed.”  – J.G., Denver, Colorado



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