Ceremonies with Soul

Celebrating Your Love and Commitment

Your special day is a precious time, whether it’s an intimate ceremony, with just the two of you, or a large gathering of family and friends. My mission is to help you create a ceremony that reflects the essence of your unique relationship. It might be tender and romantic, earthy and outdoorsy, formal, humorous, simple and straightforward, mystical and magical…or all of the above!

I welcome couples of all faiths, traditions, and lifestyles, as well as couples who do not identify with any faith or tradition.

As your officiant, you can rely on me to be a calm and clear presence on your wedding day. In working together to create your ceremony, I will be responsive to your needs, dreams, values, and life situation. I strive to be creative, flexible, and sincere, yet not stodgy or overly serious. I have a wealth of experience as an officiant and am happy to share my expertise with you!

It’s your special day, and I’m here to support you in having it just the way you want it!

Prices to fit every budget

Locations: Taos, Santa Fe, Southern Colorado

Let’s schedule a phone call to get to know each other!
Email or call me at 828-231-4542

I’m also available for:

Relationship Coaching:
  • Understand the soul intentions guiding each of you and your relationship
  • Improve communication and deepen intimacy
  • Develop skills for moving through the stuck places
Couples’ Astrology Consultation:

For every couple, there are some ways in which your energies flow together easily, and it feels harmonious. There are other ways in which your energies are very different, and this can create discomfort, conflict, or misunderstandings. Astrology can help you understand each other at a soul level. You’ll gain more acceptance for each other and learn some strategies for bridging the gaps more gracefully. You’ll see how you can best support, as well as challenge, each other to grow.

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