Soul Path Session


Want clarity about your path and purpose?

                            Obstacles in the road got you stuck?

  • See your beauty and power the way your soul sees you.
  • Discover your soul’s highest intentions and shed light on the path ahead. 
  • Understand how the obstacles that block your way can provide the keys to your liberation. 

Profound insights from Evolutionary Astrology give an overview of your soul journey. 

Purchase your Soul Path session now!  Only $125

  • Are you a new client?  This might be the perfect place to start.
  • Returning client? Here’s a good way to review the key points about your Soul Work.
  • Makes a great Gift Certificate, too!

60-minute session. Recorded as video that includes viewing your chart.

Note: This is not an in-depth chart consultation and doesn’t include transits. It serves as a meaningful introduction to your soul work.

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