Soul Liberation Retreat


Soul Liberation Retreat

Are you ready to…
Expand beyond what holds you back?
Step into a bigger vision?
Let your radiance shine forth?
If you answered YES! 
you are ready for Soul Liberation


Come to Taos, New Mexico, “The Land of Enchantment”, for your personal Soul Liberation Retreat. This full-day immersion is an opportunity to step away from your day-to-day life and dive deeply into your soul work for a truly transformational experience. Each retreat is personalized and held within a sacred container that honors your soul’s unique journey from limitation to freedom.

The first part of the day focuses on releasing old patterns that no longer serve you. The second half of the day guides you through a creative ritual of Soul Liberation.

The retreat package includes a preparatory call, prior to the retreat, to bring your intentions into focus. After the retreat, two follow-up calls will help your transformation continue to unfold, illuminating all aspects of your life, including relationships, career, and life purpose.

When you liberate your soul:

  • Old patterns, false beliefs, and fears no longer hold you hostage
  • Your true identity is revealed
  • The Divine expresses through you
  • You abide in love, peace, and joy 
Here’s what you will experience in your Soul Liberation Retreat

Welcome Your Soul

  • Create sacred space (Smudging with sage, setting an altar, invoking Divine Presence)
  • Warm-up (Gentle movement and breathing exercise to get grounded, energized, and clear)
  • Set intentions for the day

Release the Past

  • Process work: Choose from the following options:
    1. The Work of Byron Katie
    2. Feeding Your Demons
    3. Voice Dialogue (We all have a cast of inner characters whose voices need to be heard)
  • Integration time: Journaling, drawing, and/or quiet time in nature

Lunch Break


Ritual for Liberation

  • Co-create your personal ritual
    • Opening: Intention-setting and invoking Divine presence
    • Empowering Your Potential: Choose your modes of expression (visual art; writing; dance/movement; drumming; character work; vocal work)
    • Closing: Meditation and gratitude

Short Break


  • Reflect on the day’s insights and gifts
  • Plan next steps for integration into your daily life, including rituals you can do at home

The time-frame for the retreat is a full day (6 hours), which allows you to journey very deeply and move through a powerful transformation. I realize this time-frame may not work for everyone. If you prefer a half day retreat (4 hours), we can design a program that makes optimum use of the time you have available.


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