Soul Guidance Process and Astrology

Astrology Sessions and Soul Guidance Process-Work 

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Illuminate Your Path and Empower Your Choices, with Soul Astrology

  • Clarify Your Life Purpose
  • Deepen Self-Acceptance
  • Open to New Opportunities
  • Navigate Past Obstacles

Soul Astrology is most valuable in helping you understand what’s happening in your life, right now. What soul lessons are being activated for you?

How can you work with the issues arising in your personal sphere? What choices and opportunities are before you? What is standing in the way of your progress?

We consider these questions and use your birth chart, transits, and progressions to clarify the answers. This helps you to flow with change and take steps that further your soul evolution.



sun-starInitial Consultation

We’ll take a comprehensive look at your birth chart, starting at the soul level. You’ll get a thorough understanding of your evolutionary journey: your innate gifts, your major soul lessons, the old baggage that may be creating obstacles, and your soul’s highest intentions for your liberation and fulfillment. We will illuminate the steps that will help you move forward and claim all of your gifts. We will also discuss the astrological influences affecting you right now, and in the months to come.

90 minutes: 175  Book Now!


Astro Update 

For clients who have worked with me, before.  Let’s see what’s up for you, now, and what’s on the horizon.  

60 minutes: 120 Book Now!


Synergy Sessions

These sessions are for any two people: lovers, business partners, friends, enemies, parent/child, and so on. In every relationship, there are ways in which the two energies come together harmoniously, with easy flow and mutual understanding. There are also ways in which the energies create friction, causing discomfort, conflict, or dysfunction. In a Synergy Session, you’ll get to understand yourself and the other at a soul level. You’ll gain more acceptance for each other’s perspective, and learn some strategies to communicate more effectively and navigate your differences more gracefully. You’ll see how you can best support and challenge each other to grow.

2 hours: 220  Book Now!


Going Deeper with Soul Guidance Process-Work


While astrology is a powerful tool for insight into your soul work, many people do not consistently and effectively apply what they learn from astrology  to affect how they live their lives. It can be frustrating to see the path ahead, yet not be able to make any significant steps forward. If you don’t consciously and actively engage your soul work, you may not realize the full potential available to you. Soul Guidance Process Work supports and catalyzes your journey of transformation, and every package of Soul Guidance sessions includes a laser astrology consultation.

Soul Guidance Process-Work

We start by getting a map of your unique soul journey, which is accessed through your birth chart. This map reveals old habits and patterns as well as new opportunities to embrace. It also shows a clearly marked pathway, leading to new ways of being that will satisfy your soul’s intentions for healing, growth, and transformation. With map in hand, the coaching process begins. Many of the tools I use to facilitate your process can be easily learned and used in your everyday life, so you can continue to blossom after our coaching work is complete. Whether your questions and challenges are in the realm of relationships, career, finances, creativity, spirituality, or any other aspects of life, your soul holds the key to resolution, and the Soul Guidance Process hands you the key.

 Take an evolutionary leap forward!

  • Say “Goodbye” to your old patterns that have kept you stuck
  • Create meaningful work and satisfying relationships
  • Feel empowered, confident, and clear
  • Live your purpose
  • Emerge into a more expansive and loving consciousness

Process Work Packages

Clear the Path (6 sessions): Dissolve old patterns, fears, and false beliefs that hold you back.
Step Into the New (12 sessions): Release the old and begin to embody new ways of being that your soul is calling you toward.
Live Your Truth (18 sessions): Clear the path, step into the new, and  anchor into the fullness of who you really are.


Want to get away from the distractions and demands of daily life and have a profound and lasting transformational experience?  Consider a Soul Liberation Retreat.   Retreats provide the opportunity to work with me 1:1 in the inspiring energy of Taos, New Mexico.


Mandala art (at top of page): “Eye See” by Doreen Grozinger

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