Tools/Process Work/Spiritual Perspective

Tools, Process Work, and Spiritual Perspective

Soul Guidance Coaching is a dynamic process that is personalized for each client or couple. Here, you can learn about the full range of tools and processes, as well as the spiritual point of view, that informs this work.

Spiritual Perspective

Five foundational ideas:

  • We don’t know all there is to know
  • We are sourced from a loving, creative intelligence (Higher Power…God…The Divine…whatever words you want to use for it)
  • Our true identity is beyond the body and personality/ego
  • Compassion and acceptance are the heart and mind’s undefended responses
  • As above, so below; As within, so without.  Our outer experience and relationships serve as sacred mirrors to our inner reality.

What is nonduality?

The nondual perspective is inclusive of all.  It embraces the light and the dark…what we’ve called “good” and what we’ve called “bad”…what we have identified as “us” and what we have disowned, resisted, or rejected.  All is one.  On the relative, human level, we are distinct individual expressions of The One, and it’s meaningful to care for our lives and relationships.  At the level of the Absolute, there are no boundaries, no distinctions, no separation, and no self.  We can live with an awareness of, and respect for, both levels of reality.

Spiritual awakening is the process of waking up to our True Nature…awakening from the trance, or dream state, of fear and separation.

In my work, I honor all faiths and paths. My role is to support you in living and relating in ways that are in alignment with your spiritual knowing.  Over the course of 30-plus years on the spiritual path, I encountered many obstacles, pitfalls, and dead-ends.  This has made me skilled at assisting others in navigating their own spiritual development with more grace.

Soul Guidance helps people work with their judgments, accept and love themselves and others, practice radical forgiveness, open to receive assistance from Higher Power, communicate with compassion, and take responsibility for what they see in the sacred mirror of their lives and their relationships.

Soul-Centered Astrology

Soul Centered AstrologyAstrology gives us an incredibly useful map of the psyche and soul, as well as pointing out the most effective pathways for healing and transformation. Your birth chart reveals your soul’s intentions for growth in this lifetime and also points to the major lessons or issues that are yet unresolved.  It helps you see what’s in your old baggage, so you know what needs to be released.  That way, you can stop repeating the same old patterns.

Your chart points the way to the new territory that is unfamiliar to your soul and perhaps feels uncomfortable.  Yet here you will discover a whole new set of tools and ways of being that help you embody your highest potential and fulfill your soul purpose. Your chart also provides direction for your love-life…guiding you to the relationship path that will offer you the greatest fulfillment, joy, and evolutionary leaps forward.

I’m not going to tell you when you’ll meet your soul mate or how many children you’re going to have.  I’m not a fortune-teller.  What I am is a compassionate guide, who will help you see yourself and your relationships more clearly, at a soul level. I’m here to support your self-love, the letting go of what no longer serves you, and the claiming of all your gifts.

For couples, soul-centered astrology provides insight into the dynamics between your two personalities and how your individual soul paths intersect. It shows the ways in which your energies easily flow together and support one another, as well as the ways that your energies challenge one another. For every couple, there will be areas of ease and areas of stress.  The real question is not “Are we compatible?” but “How can we best use these energies to grow, as individuals and as a couple?  How can we best support each other’s emotional healing and soul evolution?”

The composite chart, which is the chart of the relationship itself, sheds even more light on a couple’s soul work, together.  It reveals your shared purpose, your areas of greatest growth, and how to move from status quo to vibrant, radiant expression, as a couple.

Voice Dialogue Process

Voice Dialogue ProcessVoice Dialogue is a great way to become more aware of the “inner voices” or “inner characters” that make up your inner chorus. Some of these voices are very familiar and dominating, while others have been pushed down or silenced. For example, you might have a very strong Inner Critic and Inner Task Master that constantly drive you to do better and work harder.  Yet your Magical Inner Child may be locked away in a closet and never gets to come out and play. Each of the inner selves has its own set of needs, feelings, thoughts, energies, and gifts to share. Through the Voice Dialogue Process, you will develop more awareness of which inner voices are asking to be heard.  You’ll also become more empowered to make conscious choices about who’s running the show, from moment to moment. This technique involves a dialogue between the facilitator (me) and your inner voices.  The inner selves don’t need to debate with each other nor make compromises.  All selves are embraced as essential to the whole, which helps integrate the shadow with the light.

The Demon-Feeding Process

Demon Feeding ProcessYou may ask, “Why would I want to feed my demons? Don’t I want to get rid of them?” When you try to get rid of your inner demons (or inner obstacles), you are fattening them up on junk food… the “junk” of your anxieties, fears, and resistance. These menacing monsters aren’t so scary once you know how to feed them what they really need. “Feeding Your Demons” is an easy-to-learn process based on an ancient Tibetan Buddhist healing practice called “Chod.” You’ll be amazed at how quickly your demons dissolve once they are fully fed.  After the feeding process is complete, you get to meet with a powerful ally who is ready to assist you. The process takes place through a guided visualization.

Somatic Resourcing

The somatic (physical) level of experience is a tremendous resource for deepening awareness, freeing emotional energy, reducing stress, and living more fully and comfortably in the body. While our thoughts can be focused on the future or the past, the body is always in the Now. So, connecting with the body is a great way to stay grounded in the present. Our body sensations can be used as a “Truth Meter”…helping us sense when we are in, or out, of alignment with our own truth and our own needs.

Somatic work encourages you to “listen” to your breath and body sensations.  When you follow your subtle impulses to move, it supports the authentic expression of your feelings and helps you access the healing wisdom of your body. It’s also a great way to enhance the communication between two people…by sharing the microscopic truth of your moment-to-moment embodied experience.  The body doesn’t lie, so it helps to keep communication honest. Somatic resourcing may incorporate practices such as Authentic Movement, Qi Gong exercises, relaxation techniques, and expressive movement.

Expressive Arts

Expressive ArtsCreative self-expression can be a way of communicating with the soul, a way to process difficult issues, or a means of giving voice to the beauty and power within. This approach works well for people who feel cut-off from their creativity and want support to express themselves more fully, as well as for people who are quite comfortable with the creative process. Some people find that non-verbal approaches, such as movement and art, offer a more direct route into and through their process. Especially for couples, expressive activities can be the best way to bypass the usual ways of relating that are keeping you stuck, so you can discover creative resolutions.  Because the arts are fun, they can bring more play into your life. Modalities may include: dance, drawing, collage, drumming, vocal expression, or role-playing.


“The Work” of Byron Katie

Byron Katie“The Work” is an elegant and practical tool for investigating the thoughts, beliefs, and judgments that create distress in your life and relationships.  The process involves 4 simple, yet profound questions that inquire into the truth of your thinking and help you see the impact of your beliefs and judgments on yourself and your relationships.  Although the process starts by looking at your thoughts, it takes you beyond the level of mind, to facilitate profound energetic and emotional shifts.  For couples, this tool is great for dissolving the judgments about one another that feed anger and resentment and push you apart. This work can be truly liberating, opening us to live and love, with radical acceptance of “What is”.  As Katie says, “Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it… it’s just easier if you do.”



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