Working with Me

 Working with Me

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Come work with me in Taos, New Mexico, where the big sky, the magical light, and the sacred mountain will inspire your soul.

Dan's rainbowConnect your heart to the beauty of this land, and awaken to the vast spaciousness of your True Nature.  The native people have lived here for thousands of years, and have kept their spiritual traditions alive.  That cultivation of the sacred bond between humans and nature can be felt very strongly, here.  I believe that’s what why so many artists, mystics, and spiritual seekers have been drawn to Taos over the years.  When I realized the potent energy this place holds for healing, transformation, and spiritual awakening, I knew it was time to bring people here, to work with me within the energy field of Taos Mountain. It’s the perfect place to reflect on your soul work. retreat_2

Of course, not everyone can come to Taos, so I am happy to share this powerful work with you, wherever you are, via the internet. You can get an astrology consultation or work with me more intensively, through a series of coaching sessions that are personalized to suit your needs. Soul Liberation retreats can also be experienced from within the sanctuary of your own home, with the internet connecting us.

Drawing from my wealth of experience as a presenter and group facilitator, I work with groups as well as individuals. I have facilitated Women’s Circles and Spiritual Support Groups, and I co-hosted a Course in Miracles TV show.  For three years, I was invited to teach at the Southeast Wise Women’s Herbal Conference. I enjoy teaching workshops on a range of topics, including Finding Your Life Purpose, Women’s Empowerment, and Bringing Astrology Alive. I have been a presenter at astrology groups in various cities in the U.S., and in 2012, I had the pleasure of co-facilitating an astrology workshop, in Dublin, Ireland, with author and astrologer, Eric Meyers.

I love helping people get out of their heads and into their bodies, so whether you are wanting to learn about astrology, manifest your highest potential, or wake up to your True Nature, I will help you “get it” in your body so that you’ll know it with your whole being.

Feedback from Clients:

“I found our session to be so inspiring, useful and affirming.  You are truly gifted at reading charts and providing applicable analyses to help people utilize this information in various areas of life.  I’m so grateful and blessed that we found each other!  The insights you provided will definitely help as I transition into my true empowerment!”

“Thank you for providing me with such a beautiful, interesting, well-rounded and spiritual perspective with the reading.  I appreciate the work you do!”

“Your insights keep whispering to me, helping me to wake up to my true Radiance!”

 Inner changes clients have made:

  • Forgave her parents, about the past, and able to set boundaries with them, in the present
  • Works consciously with his Inner Critic,  so it doesn’t  beat him down
  • Connects with her Inner Warrior, instead of giving her power over to others
  • Directly asks for what she needs, in the bedroom, rather than feeling frustrated
  • Clear about what is “his stuff” to work on, in the relationship, and able to be more vulnerable

Big steps clients have taken:

  • Closed his law practice to pursue his dream of working for a humanitarian cause
  • Got engaged to the man she loves, after almost losing the relationship
  • Committed to a truly supportive relationship and ended the cycle of dating unavailable men
  • Disentangled herself from unhealthy family ties, and moved to an exciting new city
  • Developed her psychic skills and began her career as an animal communicator
  • Stopped working in an oppressive work environment and started her own engineering company
  • Moved through her “artist’s block” and is happily working in her studio


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