Soul Guidance Coaching

Take an evolutionary leap forward!

  • Align with your soul’s purpose
  • Empower your authentic self
  • Live your highest potential

You are a radiant expression of the Divine. You’ve come here to remember who you really are, and to let go of anything that gets in the way of that truth. I invite you to embark on a transformational journey with Soul Guidance Coaching. Your soul will lead the way. My role is to serve as interpretive guide and facilitator. Ultimately, this inner voyage can lead to spiritual awakening — the remembrance of your True Nature.

Are you willing to…

  • Say good-bye to the old, stuck patterns?
  • Discover a new way of seeing yourself and living life?
  • Emerge into a new consciousness that is liberating, expansive, joyful, peaceful, and powerful?

Sign up for a Soul Discovery Session

Find out how a Soul Guidance Coaching Package can support your unique evolutionary journey and help you move through the rough spots. This 45 minute confidential call offers an opportunity to clearly see your soul’s intentions, through an introductory look at your birth chart. We’ll also consider what might be your most important next steps. The $25 investment in your Soul Discovery Session will be applied toward the package price, if you enroll in a coaching package.

How does Soul Guidance Coaching Work?

We start by getting a map of your unique soul journey, which is accessed through your astrology chart. This map reveals the old territory that your soul is asking you to depart. It also shows a clearly marked pathway, leading to new ways of being that will satisfy your soul’s intentions for healing, growth, and transformation. With map in hand, the process work begins. Many of the tools I use to facilitate your process can be easily learned, so you can continue to use them long after our coaching work is complete. Read more about the tools in my tool kit.

Whether your questions and challenges are in the realm of relationships, career, finances, creativity, spirituality, or any other aspects of life, your soul holds the key to resolution.

This profound process isn’t about goal setting and action plans. It’s about a willingness to investigate and undo the patterns, beliefs, opinions, and perceptions that create blocks to manifesting your highest potential. Once the blocks are removed, your true self naturally radiates through!

In my experience as a Soul Guidance Coach, I’ve seen that people make the most evolutionary progress when they engage in a series of sessions. Thus, I offer the following packages. Every coaching package includes an astrology consultation.

Coaching Packages for Individuals:

Package A: Clear the Path (6 sessions): Dissolve old patterns, fears, and false beliefs that are holding you back.
Package B: Step Into the New (12 sessions): Release the old, and begin to embody new ways of being that your soul is calling forth.
Package C: Live Your Truth (18 sessions): Embrace and express the fullness of who you really are.

Relationship Coaching Package:

Cultivating Connection, Compassion, and Soul Growth (8 sessions)

  • Understand the soul intentions of yourself, your partner, and the relationship
  • See your relationship’s highest potential
  • Improve communication and deepen intimacy
  • Develop skills for moving through the stuck places
  • Use your relationship as a vehicle for spiritual growth
Don’t hesitate. Sign up for a Soul Discovery session. We’ll peek at your astrology, and find the package that’s right for you!

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