The Scorpionic Journey of Descent and Re-emergence

Scorpio is the most intense, deep, and transformational sign of the zodiac. The power of this Scorpio New Moon is amplified by the close presence of Jupiter and Venus. Expansive Jupiter will be in Scorpio for about a year, giving us plenty of opportunities to explore the realms of sexuality, death and rebirth, psychological and emotional healing, and transformation. As Venus takes her annual dive into the Scorpionic underworld, we learn about the power of deep intimacy to heal the most profound wounds in our psyches. Like a snake shedding its old skin, you can trust the process of sloughing off what’s no longer needed so that you can grow into your next, more-evolved and more empowered form. That’s the purpose of trans-form-ation!

Let’s take a look at what’s being stirred up and processed in the Scorpionic stew. First we’ll consider what it means to have a New Moon and a new beginning with the energies of Scorpio. Then we’ll reflect on Venus in Scorpio and how that relates to the myth of Persephone. We’ll wrap it all up within Jupiter’s limitless embrace.

To harvest the potential of this new beginning, you need to understand the two sides of Scorpio: the less-evolved side and the more-evolved side. The less-evolved Scorpio can be expressed and experienced in the following ways: abuse of power and/or resources, domination, traumatization, sexual assault, secrets, deep psychological and emotional wounding, and fear of intimacy. The more-evolved Scorpio wisely and compassionately uses its tremendous power for healing and transformation. No longer afraid of intimacy, the more-evolved Scorpio is open to deep exchanges and interpenetration with trustworthy partners. Emotionally safe intimate experiences can heal old wounds and help both partners become more whole, more empowered, better resourced, and more highly conscious.

Here, at the Scorpio New Moon, the Universe asks you to choose: Which side of Scorpio do you wish to express? If you’re in need of healing and transformation, there are many paths, practices, and facilitators that can assist you. You might take a healing journey through psychotherapy, past-life regression, Voice Dialogue, Feeding Your Demons, or a somatic approach to trauma therapy. Transformational practices include shamanic journeying, Holotropic breathwork, working with plant medicine, Taoist  sexual practices, or trance dancing. Many of the Scorpionic resources available to us come from indigenous cultures, which tend to be wiser in the ways of initiation and altered states of consciousness.

Now let’s turn our attention to the transformation of Persephone, who’s story resonates with the themes of Venus in Scorpio. Persephone was an innocent young maiden who was abducted by Hades (aka Pluto), raped, and forced to live in the underworld. We can focus on her trauma and victimization, or we can look beneath the surface of the story and delve into the mystery of transformation. How was Persephone the maiden transformed into the powerful Queen of the Underworld?

In her passage from maiden to queen, parts of her had to die and fall away. She shed the naiveté, gullibility, and powerlessness of a child and became a strong, resilient and resourceful woman. She was initiated (albeit through the less-evolved Scorpio) into the realm of sexuality. Through the deep exchange of energies with Pluto, she became empowered. Each Spring she comes back up to the Earth and everything blooms again. She learned to trust the cycles of the seasons and gained the ability to draw wisdom from the unseen realms. Although Persephone went through dark and traumatic experiences, she rose up like the phoenix. 

Note: When drawing parallels between myth and our current reality it’s important not to get them confused. Rape is never ok. I would never wish sexual trauma or any form of trauma on anyone. The value of Persephone’s myth is in showing us how the journey of descent can lead to re-emergence and rebirth. If you have experienced sexual assault, I’m very sorry that happened to you. I hope you’ll reach out for support and find healers who can assist you. Call the National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673 or contact the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network.

The transformation from wounded victim to compassionate and powerful healer is supported by Venus in Scorpio. Some Venus in Scorpio roles are the sexual healer, intimacy coach, trauma therapist, or shaman. Deeply intimate, meaningful, and mysterious connections thrill the soul of Venus in Scorpio!

Now we turn our gaze to see enormous Jupiter expanding and deepening the Scorpio energies. Jupiter knows no limits, so it’s important to create balance even as you follow your passion and embrace your power. Find ways to play safely as you explore the uncharted depths. Honor your emotional boundaries. Ask for help when needed and share power lovingly.

Disrupting Patriarchy: Getting back to balance


The Libra New Moon is typically a sweet time for connecting with others in ways that are loving, peaceful and harmonious. But this is not a typical Libra New Moon, and the revolutionary times we live in call for some serious shaking up of the status quo. While the Sun, Moon, and Venus in Libra speak gently and ask, “Can’t everyone just get along?” Uranus and Eris in Aries shout from across the zodiac, “Wake up! There are some huge elephants in the room that must be confronted!”

I’m not saying that you can’t have loving, peaceful, and harmonious relationships during this new lunar cycle. I am saying that if you’ve been sweeping things under the rug or zipping your lips, now is the time to have the courage to confront what’s out of balance. It’s time to work through conflict to arrive at true peace, rather than trying to prop up a pretty-looking illusion of peace. It’s impossible to have true and lasting peace if there is an imbalance of power, if boundaries are being invaded, if justice has not been served, or if needs are disrespected. Lady Justice stands poised to take action with a balance (Libra) in one hand and a sword and lightning bolt (Aries and Uranus) in the other.

One of the biggest elephants in our collective living room is the deeply entrenched system of patriarchy. It’s impossible to have true and lasting peace within a system that puts power primarily in the hands of men (mostly white, heterosexual, Christian men). It would be just as impossible to have true and lasting peace if all the power were in the hands of women. This truth should be self-evident:  All men and women and non-binary identified people are created equal. But that truth has been trampled upon for thousands of years under patriarchy’s heavy boots.

The elephant of patriarchy does not represent every man. Not all men abuse power. Most of the men I know personally respect women’s equality and the civil rights of all people. But the system of patriarchy has left deep imprints and wounds in the psyches of people of all genders. Those who are privileged with power and resources often do not feel the pain of the imbalance, but patriarchy has harmed everyone, not just women. Those who lack the privilege of power and resources feel the imbalance most intensely so they are the ones who feel the greatest need to speak up and take action to bring things back into balance.

The recent news stories about the intimidating, abusive, and sexually predatory behavior of Harvey Weinstein seems to have cracked something open. This is not just a story about the abuse of power by Harvey Weinstein, or Bill Cosby, or Bill O’Reilly, or Donald Trump, or Roger Ailes. This is a story about the big fat patriarchy elephant that’s been in the room for a very long time. Knowing the astrology that’s affecting us, I believe this won’t be just one more time when men in power are exposed only to have the issue just slip quietly back underground. Something is cracking open. That’s what Uranus does…it sends a lightning bolt that cracks things apart. It catalyzes a breakdown so we can have a collective breakthrough.

What’s breaking through is our need to reintegrate the Divine Feminine into our lives. For many men, being cut off from the Divine Feminine has disconnected them from their own hearts, their intuition, their vulnerability, and their ability to give and receive nurturance. In the realm of sexuality, many men suffer from an intense longing for the sensuality, beauty, and sexual power of the Divine Feminine which they believe exists only, and forever, outside of themselves. Women then become sexualized objects to be captured, possessed, and put on display.

Reclaiming the Divine Feminine is just as important for women. The Divine Feminine is not only gentle, compassionate, and nurturing, She is also bursting with creative power, ready to birth a new way of living on this planet. She expresses a sweet love with the unconditional heart of the Divine Mother and a fierce love with the courageous heart of a lioness. She is rising up, now, as Eris in Aries. She says, “The reign of patriarchy must end, for the benefit of all beings”. She says, “Abuse of power, in sexual ways and all ways, must stop! Now!”

Rise up, my sisters, rise up! Speak out, my brothers, speak out!

Let’s bring things into true balance and create lasting peace and harmony in all our relations.

Are You Selfish Enough?

 Let’s re-frame the word “selfish”

When I was about 20 years old, I read a book titled, “When I Say “No”, I Feel Guilty”. That book was an eye-opener for me.  As a shy college student, I wanted to be liked, I wanted to think of myself as a nice person, and I was afraid to deal with conflict.  I thought saying “Yes” was the nice thing to do.  Eventually, I got the hang of saying “No”, but I must admit the temptation to feel guilty can still rear it’s ugly head. Loving myself enough to be “selfish” is an ongoing process.

DON'T BE SELFISH.framedA lot of us were taught to believe that it’s “selfish” to ask for what you want, or say “No” to what you don’t want. But stop and think about it: Who was the first person to accuse you of being “selfish”?  It was probably a parent or maybe a sibling. As very young children, we learn that we’re supposed to play nice, share our toys, and let Johnny go first.  These are important lessons for a 3 year old. But as an adult, if you ignore your own needs in order to play Mr. Nice Guy, you lose.  You lose your self-respect, your power, and your autonomy.  It might make everyone around you happy, but are you happy?

Here are five clues that you may not be selfish enough:

1) You’re more concerned with what’s fair to others than what’s fair to you.

2) You attract people who are very focused on themselves.

3) You’re afraid to ask for what you want.

4) You’re not sure what you want.

5) When you say “No”, you feel guilty.

Let’s turn it around.

  • Give yourself permission to be selfish.  Give yourself permission to be self-loving.
  • Listen to your gut feelings. Is your gut saying “Yes” or “No”?  If someone asks you to do something, check in with how you feel. Does the thought of doing it make you feel heavy or light?
  • Know that if you say “No”, the other person is free to react however they choose, but you don’t need to feel guilty about being true to yourself.
  • Take time in solitude to listen deeply to the prayer of your heart. What is your heart’s desire?  Then, have the courage to ask for what you want.
  • Take some steps, however big or small, to create a life that makes your soul sing.

As Jeshua says, in The Way of Mastery, “Self love is the love of the Creator. You cannot love the Creator while rejecting the Creator’s creation.”  Self love.WOM.lily

So, it turns out that loving yourself is actually the spiritual thing to do!  Who knew?

Leave a comment and let me know an act of self-loving-kindness that you did today.